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A visit to kashmir valley will make you yearn to com back and spend your vacations amid the beautiful scenery of lakes and rivers. It has been praised highly from older times by the travelers and mughal princess who traveled here to preach Islam.  The most significant contributors of the heavenly beauty of kashmir are it’s calm lakes and huge green mountains which border it from other neighboring states. The valleys unfold their rustic charm as one  walks through them. The village people are always very friendly and good to talk with, they are very inviting & love to welcome foreigners into their homes. kashmir  is strikingly most beautifully located place in northern parts of India. A short description given by many travelers  who had been there  goes like this, “valley with green mountains and fresh water lakes”. not only that, the cool climate of Kashmir is soothing for health.

kashmir trek

picture taken during kashmir trek

Da lake

The beauty of Dal lake

Kashmiri beauty has been inspiration for many people,  Poets portrayed this beauty versed in words like pearls praising it’s heavenly grace and grandeur. Kashmiri people provide a great hosting experience they are very good natured sophisticated folks. Dal lake is the center of attraction, the most happening place in kashmir known for it’s wooden houseboats. These houseboat provide good accommodation. The green forest opposite the dallake is crowned by ancient Hindu temple of shankracharya. lot of devotees walk up to this temple in early  morning as the devotional songs vibrate and eco among the pine trees. The streams of Kashmir provide soft murmuring sounds and bless the visitors with it’s holy waters.  Hill stations of kashmir are not far from the srinagar city. A person traveling to Kashmir can make Srinagar his base and then visit the places one by one each day & come back to Srinagar for night stay.


A vendor selling goods to tourists on the lake.

kashmiri carpet

Kashmiri handwoven silk carpet. intricate work, this carpet takes years to get completed.

Kashmir cuisine is very unique & diverse, The mutton kebabs and meat balls known as rista and gushtaba are prepared in spicy curry and curd. The other dish is called tabakh maaz these are lamb chops crispy fried in the ghee.  Wedding in kashmir for sure is a grand feast where hundreds of people and relatives are invited  for a luxurious gala dinner.  Then  team of cooks arrive in the house and cook on fire logs. It takes them whole night from evening to dawn to make the dishes ready because next day is the day of marriage. men and women eat separately in two large halls. Then the food is served in one huge plate called trami and four people eat in same plate. All the mutton and chicken are served in order and people are busy eating this is a rare experience to watch.

A view from My tent in Kashmir

A view from My tent in Kashmir

A trip to kashmir can be very interesting and heart warming provided you socialize with the local people and hear from them about their land. you will gain lots of insights and you wouldn’t like to leave this place. read more About me