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Most of the modern cities have a lot of history behind them, same goes with the beautiful srinagar city the capital of orchid state of India, kashmir. The city of Srinagar was formed on the banks of river jehlum. many temples and mosques were also erected on the shores of this river forming a cultural civilization & brotherhood among the Hindus & Muslims. Today srinagar comes alive on the banks of famous Dal lake. Illuminating among the sprawling markets and wounding river. It is a city center were the past & present meet, the modernity and history goes hand in hand. The boulevard road is a beautiful drive way facing the Dal lake. A waterfront with huge lane of shops,restaurants where people go to eat or shop after a long day of sightseeing’s.

hazratbal srinagar

hazratbal shrine srinagar


Since a long time  Dal lake has been a center of attraction for many people,  dotted with gondola shaped shikaras floating on its clear and transparent  mirror like waters. The views of the lake become more attractive when seen from the thakthi Suleiman hill also call shankracharya, or from the ramparts of pari mahal “fairy palace”. below the pari mahal is a tulip garden in srinagar which is in the riot of colors during the coming of spring in April.

tulip garden in kashmir

tulip garden srinagar

As the lake gets busy by the day, early morning walk is recommended for the tourists who stay by the boulevard road, during this time of day they can see many interesting sights like shikaras filled with vegetables, flower sellers in their bright colorful boats, fruit vendors carrying the fruit of their orchards as the sunlight begins to gleam on the lake and its people.

enjoying a shikara ride in dallake

enjoying a shikara ride in dallake

The old part of the city called the down town seems falling apart,  it has still some old buildings which represent the typical architectural mastery  of kashmiri craftsmen. The wood carvings with motifs taken from things which are unique and found around kashmir. Old part of town has become much older now and need a change desperately.  streets are narrow and occupied by many shops and markets. The bazaars are mostly crowded by local people who buy day to day stuff. Many  well known  shrines are located in down town area, one  shrine of “khanqah” of shahi hamdan must be visited by every traveler to kashmir.  It’s doors and windows are beautifully decorated with wood carving and the wooden cornice of the plinth is exquisite piece of workmanship. The valley with its rich heritage has always attracted many great saints who came here to spread Islam. these holy men built some of the best shrines in Srinagar and other surrounding areas.

inside a sufi shrine in srinagar

inside a sufi shrine in srinagar


Jamia masjid is another piece of architectural beauty, it has got a very long history, wherein  it got burned down & rebuild many times. The strong beautiful pillars on which it stands are all trees. Kashmir tour can be best enjoyed during the spring and summer season then the colorful flowers bloom in the gardens and the shepherds take their flock of sheep to the pasture in sonmarg and pahalgam,  Srinagar  is best place for the people looking to spend their leisure holidays somewhere where they can find solace. The cool weather and moderate climate provide relief to the tourists who come from hot Indian states. Srinagar Kashmir is a heavenly place on earth yet to be discovered by many many people.