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Dear friends, this post is a set of photographs taken during my long strolling hours in srinagar kashmir, some i have clicked and some are yet to be clicked. though, they are lingering in my imagination.  I hope you will enjoy these photographs and hopefully they will inspire you to come to kashmir and witness this absolute beauty with your own eyes. shedding some light on the srinagar city, two water ways one river jehlum and other dallake are the lifeline of this amazing city and we can say the whole city is build on these two water bodies.

evening skies can't get better than this,

evening skies can’t get better than this,

the above picture taken during a evening walk on the banks of dallake, the color of sun are melting in the lake. awesome!!! the real beauty unfolds when a person goes on a shikara ride around dallake. the houseboats provide a warm homely atmosphere with spectacular views all around them. these houseboats which have become a emblem of Dal have until this time served scores of foreign tourists, Bollywood stars and many legends. every tourist coming to kashmir stays in houseboat to experience their age old grandeur.

houseboat in dallake.

a houseboat in dallake.

.a shikara ferries tourists to the houseboat The real beauty of srinagar and kashmir has been encapsulated in the thoughts of poets who have wandered around pine clad meadows and whistling brooks to witness and testimony the offering of nature, a beauty so sublime and magnificent that even the creator has taken  pride in creating this marvel of a valley called kashmir. autumn in kashmir Above picture at zabarwan hills, depicts the surreal beauty of autumn in Kashmir, when the whole valley gets in a new color. autumn sets tone for winter and hence people start to make arrangements for cold winters, they gather the foliage and burn it to make coal. Autumn is a harvest season when farmers stay bust all the time reaping and singing in their fields. after the harvesting is done many people tie marital knots to their children, it is also called season of marriages most of the marriage celebrations take place during the months of sep-oct. whole family gets busy in preparations to cater to the large crowd of neighbors and all kith’s & kins. special cook called “waza” is brought to the occasions to make the delicate cuisine of wazwan all prepared on fire wood. below is the picture of a favorite item in “wawan” called “tabakh maaz” which is made of fried lamb ribs in ghee. the ribs become crispy and melt in mouth with aura of spices. this item is served in the starting of the feast.

a delicacy called wazwan

a delicacy called wazwan

stay in touch with me on twitter and google plus  more photographs coming soon. We will also be leading photographic tours to  ladakh in September  2016.  This workshop will be conducted by expert photographer & teacher. Mr Neil A White. view our more services here ihimalayan.wordpress.com/services/